A Tailored Tour Experience

As with everything else we do, we have worked to define a new level of touring, a level not bound by the constraints typically found through the generic structure you've come to expect in a tour, rather a tour focused on you and around your interests, unique in every way.

Five Star Service

At Lagniappe Chauffeured Services, you don't just go on a tour. With decades of experience and a lifetime of stories, our tour guides have extensive local knowledge and  are highly trained in what our clients have come to expect when it comes to five star service. Knowledge in the historical, architectural, geographical and modern, we immerse you in what the city has to offer by truly customizing your tour in every sense.

LCS | Customized Tour Experience 

Whether you want to truly understand what the uncommon neighborhoods of New Orleans have to offer or be sprung into the magnificent history of the cemeteries and majestic plantations boasted by the crescent city, anything within your imagination is within our ability to deliver. To setup your very own private customized tour, contact us with a little bit about yourself and what you want out of your tour experience and we will show you what it means to receive not just any tour, but a lagniappe chauffeured tour.